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Business is an establishment or enterprise that supplies us with goods and services for payment in some form to earn money. The desire to work for profit is called the profit motive. This profit motive helps make our economy strong. The rivalry among businesses to sell their goods and services to buyers is called competition. Competition encourages business owners to improve their products, offer better services, keep prices reasonable and produce new things. Basic kinds of businesses are..
1) Extractors get products from nature.
2) Manufacturers make products,
3) Marketers bring the products to consumers.

Key activities performed by the businesses are:
1) Developing ideas,
2) Financing the Business,
3) Buying goods and services,
4) Managing resources including HR,
5) Producing goods and services,
6) Marketing goods and services,
7) Maintaining accounting records etc.
The key business activities are performed through management functions such as Planning, Organising, Staffing, Leading, Motivating and Controlling.

With Trade and Business becoming global, Organisations are increasingly seeking to source their supplies from best vendors, manufacture at Low-Cost Countries, and distribute the products to distinct markets around the world. These developments, in term lead companies to transfer their business processes to different suppliers and partners, relying on their capability to produce and deliver right quality products and making them responsible for and important part of the final product. Maintaining the performance of the whole value chain and supply chain at high level, requires high integration and coordination, participation and sharing of information between value chain and supply chain partners. One of the means of achieving this objectives is to apply concepts, principles, and practises of Logistics and Supplies Chain Management Lean and Six Sigma which are core domain in current management education.

The corporate world is realised that management education is to business what fertilizer is to farming. As management has become more sophisticated, dynamic, and intellectually demanding, MBA degree programme has become to be viewed as an appropriate professional preparation to enter their business world. National economy and sustainence of business organisation's performance rests on the quality and relevance of higher education mainly like MBA programs. MBA degree is become extremely popular program through -out the world, because it is a degree that tends to have value in every type of organisation , increased job satisfaction, highly valuable to career progression, enhance employability, and improves professional prospects.

MBA degree program in general management offered by universities, colleges, and some B-Schools is incomplete without an understanding of modern approaches, deregulation, opening up of economy and growth emphasis on technology advancement etc. which are the core of any business. The speciality specific management program such as MBA with LSCM as core domain with dual functional specialisation bridge the gap between conventional and modern- era market place requirement. Business organisation now realizing their ultimate objective of producing high quality products at low cost, with greater speed of delivery to customer, and providing excellent customer service through MBA with LSCM as core domain which is directly related to economic realities of the country and world of work /business . Further, the concepts, techniques of SCM practices will find an increasing application in all fields including governmental administration.

Hence top business schools in the world such as
1) Mit Sloan, Usa
2) Graduate School Of Business, Stanford University, Usa,
3) Carey School Of Business, Erigena State University, Usa,
4) Broad College Of Business, Michigan State University, Usa,
5) Smeal College Of Business, Pennsylvania State University, Usa
6) School Of Management, Cranfield University Uk are conducting MBA in LSCM to maximise the business performance efficiently , effectively, and successfully. In line with these premier B - schools, Lead Global Management Institute in collaboration with Bharathidasan University, Trichy offers this program since 2012 at Jain college, Jain Group of Institutions (JGI), Bangalore as a full time two year program with 1600+ teaching hours with the aim of creating competent Managers, Entrepreneurs, and business leaders with a global mind set for the 21st century .

It will there-fore, be advantageous to fresh graduates, working executives to get benefited through this prestigious industry / employability oriented collaborative MBA (LSCM core domain ) program .

I invite the willing students to make the best use of this opportunity to enhance their intellectual capability & professional career.

With Best wishes.

V. Soundarapandian.
Director & CEO
Lead Global Management Institute.
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