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About Lead Global Management Institute (LGMI)

Lead Global Management Institute (LGMI) was started in 2008 at Bangalore, with an objective to impart world-class education and training in speciality specific management such as Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Retailing Management, Business Analytics etc. as core domain in addition to General Management to fresh graduates, working executives and professionals. LGMI is being promoted by business heads of leading L&SCM establishments, technical experts of public and private sector undertakings and with the support of prestigious management institute academicians.

Major Activities

1. Education

Education is a learning process that deals with unknown outcomes and circumstances which require a complex synthesis of knowledge skills and experiences to solve problems. Education concerns understanding concepts and remembering facts. Education focus on acquire or deeper mind set or profession / building the mind / emphasis first principles. Education is a social act.

* Offered Certificate/Diploma/ Post Graduate Diploma program in logistic and supply chain management in collaboration with Bharathidasan University to the students of UG and PG as a value added/Industry oriented Add-On program.

* Offers Full Time 2 year MBA (LSCM as core domain ) program in collaboration with Bharathidasan University for wanting individuals to either start or shift the career, to enhance the career advancement, and improving the professional skills.

2. Training

Training concern gaining skills, acquire new skills and knowledge and focus on building skills. Training has application when (i) there is some identifiable performance and / or skills that has to be mastered, (ii) practice is registered for two mastery of it. Training is a cost centre and emplhasis application. Offers customised and specialised training program to enhance business knowledge skills and competencies to move towards organisation's excellence in overall performance through the relevant and implementable programs.

Example :

  1. Business Process Improvement Methodologies (BPIM)
  2. Organisational Improvement and Development (OI&OD)
  3. Quality Improvement and Quality Management System (QI&QMS)
  4. Business and Organisational Performance Improvement
  5. Supervisory and Managerial development
  6. Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurship Development
  7. Leadership Development with global mindset
  8. Human Resource and optimum Resource Management
  9. Sustaining in competitive business world with corporate social responsibility
  10. Enhancing profit and growth ethically

LGMI is partner with select Training and Educational Institutes to design and deliver customized training programs that address an Organisation's global business challenges. The end result is a focused learning experience that enables an organisation to develop its capabilities and implementable strategies more quickly than ever before .

3. Research and Consulting

Help Organisations chose and implement the right Business Process Improvement Methodologies (BPIM) strategies, tools and techniques, technologies, location, and outsource partners.

LGMI believes that Industry Research forms the nucleus of every business and strategic market intelligence . LGMI strives to assist industry in business development, process improvement, system improvement and strategy development by providing strategic and tactical inputs to help clients achieve their business objectives. LGMI believes that Research and Consultancy would contribute towards personal growth of faculty and consequently of students. For students, it will enough to a great learning experience. Consultancy serves as an exposure to both students and faculty and if students get involve, keep provides them with hands-on exposure. This help in developing managerial and leadership quality for tomorrow. Actual updation and upgradation of knowledge can come only through Research and Consulting experience.

Effect of Research and Consulting towards education and training is :

  • Upgrading of relevant knowledge.
  • Generation and multiplication of new knowledge.
  • Protecting critical knowledge.
  • Dissemination and sharing of new knowledge.

Collaborating Institutes

1. For Education

Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli

Bharathidasan University was established by the Govt.of Tamil Nadu in 1982 at Trichy. It is a member of the Association of Indian University and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The University has International recognition and is accredited with ‘A' Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). LGMI and Bharathidasan University has entered in to an agreement through MOU on 23rd Sep. 2011 to offer two year collaborative MBA program with LSCM as core domain with dual specialisation in Marketing/Finance/HRM/International Business. Program started during 2012-2013 and is being continued and 6th Batch is running now.

Jain college, Jain Group of Institute, Bangalore

Jain college is the flagship institute of the prestigious Jain Group of Institutions (JGI) headquartered at Bangalore. JGI Group is a cluster of 85 educational establishment hosting 51,600 students from around the world and over 6,450 staff members engaged at the P-12, UG and PG levels across 64 campuses and centers of excellence. Jain college pioneered into commerce and management education from the year 1990. It brings in thought leadership with a blend of academic rigour & hands on applicability to real-world issues. The institution has been conferred Grade - A with a CGPA of 3.8 on a scale of 4.0 the highest all India rating given to a college by NAAC. Jain college and LGMI has entered into an agreement through MOU to offer this collaborative MBA programme at Jain College, JGI, Jain Knowledge campus Bangalore. This program is being conducted from 2012-13 onwards and 6th batch is running now

2. For Training

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Singapore

MDIS founded at Singapore in 1956, provides academic programs in the areas of Business and Management, Mass communication, Travel, Hospitality, Life Science and IT in collaboration with highly acclaimed Universities in France, UK,USA and Australia.

Management Development and Consultancy (MDC),the corporate training arm of MDIS, established in june 1995, is Singapore's premier one stop Centre for Corporate Training and Consultancy Service. MDC is committed to stay at the forefront of product development, application and to developing quality programs with accredited trainers in providing training solution that are at pace with the dynamic changes in the business world. There training partners are University of Bradford and Cambridge, U.K. LGMI &MDIS entered into an agreement through MOU on 2008-09 to conduct training programs for corporate and Higher Educational Institutes.

Kaizen / Lean Institute India New Delhi

Kaizen Institute (KI) was founded in the year 1985 by Sensei Masaki Imai, torch bearer and guru of today's quality and productivity management. Now KI is a global organization with its Offices strategically located in 40 Countries throughout Europe, Africa , Asia-pacific and America, thus enabling a complete and competent global approach in a variety of companies and cultures. KI offers services related to implementation of Kaizen tools, techniques and strategies, transforms their Organizations into world class companies in the global market place to achieve sustainable profits and growth. In the same institute, lean institute also started to offer training programs in lean manufacturing wish is a core program of Business Process Improvement Methodology (BPIM).


MBA Definition

The MBA is a generalist with LSCM as core domain, post graduate degree designed to develop holistic, innovative and socially responsible business leader for high performance organisations in the global market, through the development to knowledge, skills and values required to succeed in complex environments.

Program Mission

To provide students with broad based practical knowledge of the functional areas of business, combined with a solid foundation in a specific business area, that will permit them to obtain professional opportunities and / or will foster their ability to advance in their careers as leaders and decision makers within the domestic and global business environments where they are employed. In addition, the goal of LGMI is to instill within students a sense of integrity and ethics that will permit them to take into consideration the various stakeholders whom their decision will impact.

Program Aims

To provide access and opportunity for local, regional, National, and International students to further their education by improving their cognitive skills, Generic skills, Entrepreneurial skills, and Intellectual capability, life skills and social skills thus enhancing the career, professional and earning potential.

Program Goals

  1. Identify, diagnose, organizational opportunities and threats globally and locally using the disciplines of management practices, accounting, financial management, operations, marketing, and strategy.
  2. Accurately assess and analyze the performance of an organization across a wide range of criteria including organizational budgeting, marketing effectiveness finance, operation, and ethics.
  3. Apply quantitative and qualitative methods to identify and solve practical problems within various disciplines.
  4. Design and formulate plans for the implementation of strategies including resource acquisition and location across a wide range of organizational domains and levels.
  5. Demonstrate professional skills, including presentation of analysis, justification of recommended actions, and activities intended to impact the behaviour of others.
  6. Negotiate and collaborate with others in situations with differing interests and objectives.
  7. Assess and act upon the ethical, social, and policy implications of situations, proposals and actions.
  8. Contribute to your professional area by sharing knowledge and skills with clients, peers, and other professionals through effective oral and written communication at a professional level.
  9. Acquire the knowledge and skills appropriate for professional success in your discipline.

MBA Attributes

MBA graduates will have built on their prior professional experience and academic background to acquire a broad base of management knowledge and skills that enables them to :

  • Lead themselves and others in the achievement of organisational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.
  • Think critically and make decisions based on complex information.
  • Maximise resources for the benefit of organisations and society.
  • Know and understand organisations and their stake holders.
  • Integrate functional knowledge and apply strategic management skills at a senior level in changing business environments.
  • Operate effectively in cross-cultural settings, understanding the nature of globalisation.
  • Understand the complexities of business ethics in a global environment and act with integrity.
  • Analyse complex data, understanding the financial implications of managerial decision-making.
  • Enhance their careers and their commitment to lifelong learning.

Framework & Key Principles

  1. MBA - Portfolio :
    In order to ensure clarity and transparency in the market place, our program's academic delivery is at Jain College, Jain Group of Institutions, Bangalore and degree is awarded by an Collaborative Institution BDU, Tiruchirappalli bearing the designation MBA.

  2. LGMI's Integrity, Sustainability & Distinctiveness :
    LGMI is sustainable, financially viable and committed to quality and continuous improvement. It possess a distinctive market identity which provides the basis for a high quality and successful MBA Portfolio.

  3. Teaching faculty Quality & Sufficiency :
    Our Academic Delivery Centre, Jain College and LGMI is able to provide MBA portfolio with sufficient and balanced expertise in teaching, research and consultancy that guides the MBA learning experience in a cohesive and integrated way.

  4. Program Design & Leadership :
    Our MBA Program is supported and periodically received in a systematic way, with sufficient academic oversight and operational support. Our program is designed to represent best practice in management education, taking into account market trends and practices.

  5. Competencies, Graduate - Attributes and Learning outcomes :
    Our MBA Program is clearly articulated learning outcomes which can be measured and mapped through to course learning outcomes and assessment. Student learning outcomes broadly reflect international MBA attributes and be aligned to the mission of LGMI.

  6. Curriculum Breadth and Depth :
    Our MBA Curriculum is comprehensive and integrative and clearly delivered at the Master Level.

  7. Assessment Rigour and Relevance :
    The MBA assessment strategy is robust, varied and to standards that are consistently applied at the Master Level.

  8. Delivery and Interaction :
    In order to develop sufficient generalist management knowledge, skills and value, our program is designed with substantial interaction between faculty and cohort group in addition to providing appropriate space for LSCM core domain study and reflection.

  9. Impart & Lifelong Learning :
    Our graduates are able to demonstrate significant career enhancement as a result of collaborative MBA and being supported in their continual development by LGMI.

Overview of the MBA Program

Program offered

Lead Global Management Institute (LGMI) and Bharathidasan University (BDU) offers two year Collaborative MBA program with LSCM as core domain with dual specialisation in Marketing/Finance/HRM/International Business at (JGI) Jain College, JGI knowledge Campus, Bangalore. This is the only MBA program in India, where in students learn LSCM core domain in detail along with functional specialisation in addition to General Management.

Top ten reasons why any organization needs good, relevant, and responsive supply chain are :

  • Competitive advantage
  • Changes in customer demands and expectations
  • Increased environmental focus
  • Changes in waste legislation
  • Transparency issues
  • The acquisition and retention of employees
  • The cost of procrastination
  • Rising energy prices
  • Increase in raw materials costs
  • Increase in waste and disposable costs

"LSCM is no longer a business function, but a new business model, necessary for an organization's success, and everyone in the organization needs to be involved" - Tom Blackstock, VP-SCM Operation, Coca-Cola, North America.

Broad Program Design

A rigorous two-Years Industry / job oriented MBA program having 1600+teaching hours of face-to-face teaching with over 32 subjects on campus.

  • Six Foundation core subjects in General Management
  • Eight Core Domain subjects in LSCM
  • Seven Applied Skills core subjects in functional management
  • Dual Specialization (4 subjects each in 3rd and 4th semester) course subjects in Marketing / Finance / HRM / International Business
  • Three Practice learning through research methodology and industry project work/dissertation

Integrated Learning Methods

LGMI develop a unique 60:30:10 learning methodology, which is most effective for specific subjects like L & SCM.

60: classroom Learning of concepts, principles, practices & facts, through lectures by subject experts, presentations and management games, by renowned academicians and practitioners, constitute 100% of the curriculum to maximize cognitive skills and intellectual capability.
30: Knowledge and experience sharing by subject matter experts (SMEs) such as industry leaders in L & SCM, Functional experts and senior bureaucrats, through special lectures, workshops, seminars, case studies and group interactions to enhance work place competencies.
10: Opportunity to work on live projects, undertake industry visits, applied training which will provide exposure and expertise in L & SCM domain and primary functional areas to build confidence in practice skills.


The speciality specific MBA program in L & SCM as core domain offered by BDU in collaboration with LGMI

  • Provides you an in - death understanding of the L & SCM domain, including the current trends, best practices and future outlook
  • Imparts you with a practical & working knowledge to conceptualize, Build and manage an efficient supply chain for your organization
  • Helps you to build & effectively manage teams, through supply chain metrics and performance management
  • Catalyzes innovations in L & SCM and functional areas
  • Enhances your Strategic, Analytic and decision making skills
  • Enhances your career prospects in the emerging domains of L & SCM in Manufacturing & Retailing and service sectors.

Our Teaching Approach

Imparting goal directed relevant, application driven, problem oriented, and self-directed learning

  • The focus will be on facilitating PROJECT and problem-based learning rather than traditional teaching and the strategy is designed to facilitate deep learning (Analysing, Synthesising, Evaluating )
  • A blended learning approach to seminar, workshop, symposium, and group consultation
  • Tutorial support and group discussions with peers
  • Teaching fraternity comprises of subject-matter experts and industry leaders
  • The industry project work/dissertation is fully supervised by 20 hours of research methodology workshops prior to its commencement
  • Book-Symposia to enhance understanding and presentation skills.

Teaching - Learning Process

Combination of Teacher - centered, Subject - centered, Problem based, Project based and student oriented T & L process.

  • Group work
  • Simulation and role play
  • Quiz
  • Brain storming
  • Range of other relevant and topic interactive techniques
  • Student workshops
  • Subject wise exhibitions
  • Talks by leading personalities
  • Educational field trips
  • Contribution to departmental magazine
  • Book symposia.

Program Highlights

  • Contemporary curriculum designed by eminent academicians and professionals
  • Latest industry-oriented curriculum with super specialization in Marketing/Finance/HRM/International Business
  • Industry driven content delivered by expert
  • Outbound learning program for overall personality development
  • Global tour for international exposure and MDP
  • Business news analysis to keep abreast with the current business trends
  • Global achiever workshop series
  • Access to MIS packages
  • Leadership and decision-making development series
  • Seminars, lectures, and visits to facilitate corporate cum industry interface
  • Corporate formal attire / corporate partnerships
  • Expert guidance
  • Global linkages.
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Case study content from Harvard Business Publishing
  • Wi-Fi facility at campus
  • Dynamic placement and incubation support
  • Corporate social responsibility initiatives

Student Support Services

To make the most of your student life, you can get involved in professional and clubs and forums on campus. Jain College provides you with many opportunities through student vibrant culture and corporate social responsibility initiatives to develop your various skills. Jain College has a full-fledged dynamic placement cell consisting of Management Corporate Relations Executives and Coordinators who bridge the gap between theory and practice and incubation support. Over 400 top companies in major industries have an active recruitment relationship and for intensive industry support with Jain College. The placement cell organises short term internship, applied training, final semester on- the -job training and post training placement for eligible students. Structured monitoring and counselling centre are created to enhance mental health at Jain College.

The Corporate Partners about 400 from the following areas for Placement, Internship, and Industry Interface Activities are :



1. Library

The library at Jain College provides access to the information needed to support and enhance students learning at college. In addition to housing a comprehensive national and international print journal collection, the library offers a wealth of online information. Students can work in the library undisturbed along with excellent computer facility. The experienced librarians provide research training, individual consultations, and email reference assistance to help the students make effective use of library resources.

2. Computer Cluster

Jain College fosters an environment in which research and development are integrated into every individual student with the best technology the country can offer. The high-tech computer labs comprises 15inch TFT monitors high - configuration PCs, 24x7 internet facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Network data storage facilities.

3. Computer Cluster

Jain College fosters an environment in which research and development are integrated into every individual student with the best technology the country can offer. The high-tech computer labs comprises 15inch TFT monitors high - configuration PCs, 24x7 internet facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Network data storage facilities.

4. High-Tech Classrooms

Jain College encourages instructors to consider ways to incorporate the use of technology throughout the curriculum. Classrooms at Jain College use the “technology in teaching” concept with multimedia equipment, LCD projectors, and screens. The ergonomics and acoustics are excellent and convenient to students.

5. Auditorium and Conference Halls

Jain College has an air-conditioned 33-seater auditorium and 2 mini-conference halls with 150 seats each. These are well equipped with modern acoustics, projectors, and state-of -the-art facilities to conduct corporate events, competitions, CEO talks, and orientation program for fresher's.

6. Cafeteria

The cafeteria is a hub of student activity, social exchange, and youthful energy. Bustling with social life, it is a space where students exchange crucial ideas, pool in effort, and strategize on everyday activities. It serves as a place for diverse interests from brainstorming for competitions to relishing a hot cup of herbal lemon tea with Tulsi during the break time.

Value - Added Programs

Business English Certificate (BEC)

The Business English Certificate (BEC), a University of Cambridge (UK) examination offered in India by British Council is an international recognized English language qualification for learners wishing to use English for the purpose of international business.

The BEC levels are : Preliminary , BEC Vantage , BEC Higher


  • BEC is a globally recognized qualification
  • BEC exam training will improve candidates communication skills
  • BEC will improve candidates' job prospects and add value to their CV

Campus Recruitment Leadership Training Program

This program is designed to aid candidates in their preparation for recruitment through campus or outside campus. Students in their final year looking for placement in reputed organizations can use this program to deliver their best in the selection processes of various corporate tied up with our institutions.

Program Contents :

  • Quantitative ability
  • Reasoning ability
  • Verbal ability
  • Personality development

NSE'S Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM)

NCFM is an online testing and certification program. It tests the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets. Tests are conducted in a secure and unbiased manner and certificates are awarded based on qualifying the online test and the merit of the candidate.

National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)

In pursuance of the announcement made by the finance minister in his Budget Speech in February 2005, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SECBI) established the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) in Mumbai. SEBI, by establishing NISM, has articulated the desire expressed by the Indian government to promote securities market education and research. NISM Series 7: Securities operations and risk management certification, NISM Series 5: Mutual fund distributors' certification.

Microsoft Office Specialist

A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification helps validate proficiency in using Microsoft Office 2010 and meets the Microsoft technologies. Candidates who pass the certification exam matches the globally recognized performance standards.

Advantages :

  • Builds confidence to face job interviews
  • Increases efficiency in work productivity
  • Ability to negotiate higher salaries as a result of high-level computer skills

  • Contact the admission coordinator in person to get the admission details
  • Collect the application form in person
  • The minimum eligibility for admission is 50% minimum score in graduation examination but, preference shall be given to student with 60% and above in their 10, +2 / PUC and graduation examination
  • Selection will be made on the basis of the scores in valid entrance test
  • Candidates with full time work experience of one year and above will be given preference
  • Topics will be given to candidates in advance for the Presentation skill Assessment (PSA)
  • Candidates with be assessed on content, presentation skills, fluency, clarity and Q & A
  • Candidates who qualify based on the above criteria shall be shortlisted for the personal interview round
  • Selected candidates will be intimated and will be admitted on payment of the prescribed admission fees

Contact Details

JGI Knowledge Campus
# 44/4, District Fund Road
Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore - 560 069
Phone : + 91 8046501736
Mobile : + 91 9886671816
Email : c.vivek@jaincollege.ac.in
Website : www.jaincollege.ac.in

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