Conducting Certificate / Diploma / and Post Graduate Diploma
Conducting customized and specialized training programs for practicing professionals...
Help Organizations chose and implement the right supply chain strategies, tools and techniques, technology, location...

Training concern gaining skills, acquire new skills and knowledge and focus on building skills.
Training has application when
     (i) there is some identifiable performance and / or skills that has to be mastered,
     (ii) practice is registered for two mastery of it.
Training is a cost centre and emplhasis application. Offers customised and specialised training program to enhance business knowledge skills and competencies to move towards organisation's excellence in overall performance through the relevant and implementable programs.

    Example :-
  • A) Business Process Improvement Methodologies (BPIM).
  • B) Organisational Improvement and Development (OI & OD).
  • C) Quality Improvement and Quality Management System (QI & QMS).
  • D) Business and Organisational Performance Improvement.
  • E) Supervisory and Managerial development.
  • F) Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurship Development.
  • G) Leadership Development with global mindset.
  • H)Human Resource and optimum Resource Management.
  • I) Sustaining in competitive business world with corporate social responsibility.
  • J) Enhancing profit and growth ethically.

LGMI is partner with select Training and Educational Institutes to design and deliver customized training programs that address an Organisation's global business challenges. The end result is a focused learning experience that enables an organisation to develop its capabilities and implementable strategies more quickly than ever before .

Training makes a difference

Are you passionate about achieving  high levels of performance? A good leader knows that beyond the basics of good business practice, it is essential to invest in human capital. The essential ingredient for truly successful organisations is highly skilled and motivated people working with good products and systems under strong business leadership.

Aligning the training needs with business goals and objectives as well as the company’s values and culture is paramount.

Lead Global Management Institute (LGMI) located at Electronic City, Bangalore, specializes tailor-made training programs to match your organization's needs either by adapting an existing program or developing a new one. We can assist with one or more of the steps involved in the development process: Education, Training, consulting.

Delivered by dynamic instructors, our professional skills training encompasses an interactive environment focusing on communication through writing, presenting, facilitating, negotiating & influencing.

Some of the Modules we specialize are…

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management – Customized programs for Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail & I.T Industries
  • Vendor Management
  • Retail Management
  • Warehouse & Stores Management

We also conduct the following Training Programs for SMEs & Public Sector organizations

Attitude Programs (including soft skills): Team Building, Leadership, Motivation, Self Awareness,  Assertive skill, Interpersonal skills, Analytical skills, Execution skills, People development, Presentation skills, Communication skill, Time Management, Creativity & Innovation

Skill: 7 QC Tools,  Measurements,, Negotiation, Why-why analysis

Knowledge: IMS program, EMS, FMEA, Lean Manufacturing, Industrial Safety, Six Sigma, Customer Focus, Stress Management

LGMI's workshops can be delivered at your site or off-site, in a classic classroom or virtual setting. The duration is dependent upon your needs and the materials often include a participant guide.

We can also undertake a total Training Solution Package for your Organization which would include

  • Training Needs Analysis – For Individuals and functions – Attitude / Skill / Knowledge
  • Competency mapping
  • Pre-training evaluation
  • Identifying Training needs
  • Customizing Training Modules
  • Imparting Training Programs
  • Post-training evaluation
  • Measuring the learning transfer and  effectiveness on the job
  • Re-training
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